The Essence of Purity (Amsterdam)
The Essence of Purity (Amsterdam)
(Re)Connect & regulate your nervous system
18-22 h
It is all about the movement of awareness from outside, back inward. Realizing you are your own healer. You are capable of holding whatever is present within you. (Re)connect with your body, your Self and the answers that you hold within. By using different tools we will experience how our body is communicating to us. Thus we will feel our bodies more consciously, which will lead to more embodied awareness and aliveness. It's an evening of authenticity, where we encourage you to embrace your true self without shame, guilt, or insecurity. Uncovering the feeling of pureness of simply being your pure self. Whether you are looking for an evening of deep relaxation, a moment to yourself or like to go on a journey of discovering the feeling of pureness.
Yoga Festival Lingen
Yoga Festival Lingen
Visit our stand!
We are part of the third edition of the Yoga Festival in Lingen with our Heart Essence Cacao stand and are really looking forward to it! The Yoga Festival offers a wonderful and diverse range of workshops and exhibitors who will offer their products. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
2-Day Singing Bowl Course
2-Day Singing Bowl Course
Planetary & Therapeutic Singing Bowls
Starting 18:00 h
From 80€
Heart Essence Sisters are not facilitating themselves but Daniela is the Organizer of this Event. ✺ Full Course Overview ✺ Friday, 23rd, 18:00-22:00 Trial (Mini) Initiation on Singing Bowls - Sound Healing Course(Planetary Therapeutic Cosmic Sound Hertz Therapy Workshop)(Can be booked separate from the 2 day course) Saturday, 24th & Sunday 25th: 2-Day Advance level Initiation on Singing Bowls- Sound Healing Course (Planetary Therapeutic Cosmic Sound Hertz Therapy Workshop). Saturday, 24th: 13:00-21:00. Sunday, 25th: 10:00-18:00. Sound healing—using mantras, voice, singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments—has been known since ancient times, predating modern medicine as a primary method for healing and curing. We are excited to bring offer a rare and exclusive opportunity to learn from a Nepali Sound Master in the Netherlands. Experience the thrill of music, sounds, and healing frequencies with an expert 25 years of professional experience in classical, folk, and various other types of music, including ancient sound healing techniques. Try and get thrilled experiences with a music, sounds, and healing frequencies expert. ✺Location✺ Beautiful Farmhouse in Diemen, Amsterdam (more info will be send via email). ✺ About the Teacher ✺ Master Govinda Dhruba Tiwari (Nepal) is an experienced practitioner and teacher in planetary and therapeutic singing bowls, gongs, and ancient healing sounds. Born in the hilly regions of Nepal into a Brahmin family, he was immersed in Vedic traditions from childhood. Since 1998, he has been actively involved in the music field, becoming one of Nepal's top 10 celebrities. Additionally, he worked as a sound engineer in a professional recording studio. In 2008, he received professional trekking and tour guide licenses and began his journey with Tibetan singing bowls, training under seven different schools and nine teachers.Since 2012, he has been dedicated exclusively to planetary therapeutic and healing sounds using singing bowls, gongs, and other ancient instruments. His education continued under the guidance of Jean Daniel Isenschmied and Antoinette Boo (Switzerland), Gong Master Don Conreaux (USA), Shanta Ratna Shakya (Nepal), Peter and Emily Hess (Germany), Suranna (Slovenia), and Angelo (Portugal). In 2017, he became an assistant teacher to Don Conreaux.Currently, Master Tiwari is in high demand, conducting Cosmic Sound Therapy courses and workshops worldwide. Learning from him locally is a tremendous advantage, not only because it’s a rare privilege but also because it allows us to save thousands of euros that can be invested in essential therapeutic instruments.
Good Mood Event
Good Mood Event
Kakao - Sound - Breath - Dance
16 - 20 Uhr
Wir nehmen dich mit auf eine Reise durch die Tradition Lateinamerikas und schenken dir vielfältige Einblicke in die Kultur. Das Event startet mit einem Vortrag zum Thema „Indigene Traditionen und moderne Agrarwirtschaft in Lateinamerika“ gefolgt von einem Vortrag über Kakao als Herzmedizin. Im Mittelpunkt des Events steht eine gemeinsame Kakao-Zeremonie. Du erfährst auf der Reise seine beruhigende und herzöffnende Wirkung.
  • Sophia

    Dear Julia,

    It was a wonderful and very healing evening. I am so excited about how you led us and especially about your skills.

    After your ceremony, I'm feeling better than I have in weeks.

    The combination of cacao and sound journey brought my cells back into healthy vibrations and radiance. I feel so comfortable and secure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Alena

    You two complement each other perfectly! You are one
    wonderful team!

    It is always an intense, profound experience during a cacao
    ceremony with you. I particularly like the combination of cacao and yin yoga- I was able to calm down, let go and relax.

    Thanks to both of you!

  • Sonya

    Dear Julia, ♡

    The evenings with you are so soothing.
    It touches my heart every time.

    Through the cacao ceremonies and meditations I feel that something is moving in my heart and I am moving step by step
    accompanied on my path.

    I thank you for this.

    Your sound journeys are also wonderful, and I can immerse myself in and out of them. It has a high recreational value.

    Thanks for that! ♡

  • Susanne

    For the second time I was lucky enough to take part in a cacao ceremony followed by a sound journey with Julia.

    I have never experienced such a powerful ritual as the one in which Mama Cacao is called!

    The safety and security that they have in
    every cell of the body brings and the warmth that spreads in the heart are so comforting and give me strength that I now feel up to any challenge!

    Thank you Julia, it was wonderful again!

  • Nathalie

    The cacao ceremony was soooo valuable! That evening I noticed what was opening up and also during the day
    thereafter. It works a lot inside me and it's unbelievable how cacao can do that. I would take part in a cocoa ceremony with you again at any time.

    You are great, your work is great!
    The world needs women like you

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