100% pure cacao from Peru and México

Our cacao is pure and grown organically and sustainably by small farmers. It has a heart-opening effect and takes you on a journey to your heart.

Cacao from Peru

Our Peru Cacao is a chuncho that is characterized by its particularly intense taste and its soft, melt-in-the-mouth consistency. It comes from the south of Peru and is grown organically by small farmers in the highlands of the Cusco region, near the Inca site of Machu Picchu. This region is considered one of the most fertile regions of southern Peru and was also known in Inca times as the entrance to the jungle, to the land of the wild - the "Chunchos", where the name of the original cacao comes from.

  • Origin

    Cusco, Peru (Urubamba Valley)

  • Quality

    Our cacao is grown sustainably and organically

  • The taste

    Floral, full-bodied, intensely chocolaty and soft at the same time

  • Effect

    Activating and powerful

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Our Méxican Cacao is a Criollo Almendra Blanca and comes from indigenous Mayan communities from southern Tabasco and northern Chiapas, from a region also called Selva Zoque. This is known, among other things, for its high fertility and biodiversity.

  • Origin

    Selva Zoque, Mexico

  • Quality

    Our cacao is grown sustainably and organically

  • The taste

    Fruity, nutty and light at the same time

  • Effect


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Cacao from México

Cacao butter from Mexico

  • Jennifer | ★★★★★

    I've tried many cacaos for my ceremonies, but this is simply the best I've had. I'm excited. Thank you Julia also for the super fast shipping and the warm contact. Replenishment has already been ordered

  • Sonja | ★★★★★

    Mein absoluter Lieblingskakao! Ich empfinde ihn wie eine warme Umarmung und er ist tatsächlich wie eine Medizin. Absolute Herzensempfehlung!

  • Sabrina | ★★★★★

    Meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen! So eine herzliche und liebevolle Verpackung, die selbstverständlich auch nachhaltig ist. Danke für so viel Liebe zum Detail!!!

  • Kathleen | ★★★★★

    Tausend Dank für dieses tolle Geschmackserlebnis und den tollen Service. Die Versandverpackung ist wirklich sehr herzlich gestaltet und auch die Karte war sehr herzlich, da geht einem schon das Herz auf und wenn das Produkt dann noch die Beschreibung übertrifft, ist man mehr als zufrieden.

  • Saskia | ★★★★★

    The delivery was super fast and uncomplicated. The cacao was lovingly packaged and is incredibly tasty and, above all, effective. By far the best I've had so far. I will buy it again and again :)

  • Astrid | ★★★★★

    The cacao has fully fulfilled its purpose. It was my first experience with the cocoa and it was quite wonderful.

  • Mayumi | ★★★★★

    Super fast delivery and very lovingly packaged. The cocoa tastes very tasty and is easy to use. I always enjoy buying! <3

  • Janine | ★★★★★

    Wonderful cacao, lovingly packaged and wonderfully creamy. Unreservedly recommended!

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1. We recommend 25g to 35g per serving, 35g is considered a powerful ceremonial dosage.

2. Heat water or plant milk. We recommend drinking cacao with water. The water shouldn't boil, just warmed up so that all the nutrients are retained.

3. Refine the cacao with spices such as cinnamon, fresh vanilla, chili and sweeten as desired with natural sweeteners such as dates or coconut blossom sugar.

If you like your cacao particularly creamy, you can prepare it in a blender and add cacao butter as desired. A milk frother is also very suitable.