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We are Julia and Daniela, sisters who have decided to walk the path hand in hand of the heart to go. Together we share Cacao heart medicine with the world - at ceremonies, in 1:1 coaching, at retreats and via our online shop.

At the end of 2022 we began our personal journey. Our journey took us to Mexico. Of course, the trip was not the beginning of our inner journey, it took several years of preparatory work and experience to get to this point where we feel more connected to ourselves and our hearts than ever.

Our trip to Mexico together was a turning point for both of us. Because it rounded off and brought together everything that we had previously worked out and experienced individually for ourselves. She gave us clarity and showed us how perfectly we complement each other. We are so different and yet so the same - we are yin and yang, a great symbiosis.

So nothing was more obvious than that we should continue the journey together, not only as sisters, but also professionally, and support each other in making our dreams and visions come true.

That's how it all started and we decided to tackle the Heart Essence Sisters project together.

Julia had already founded her own Cacao label some time before, fulfilling her dream of bringing Cacao and her love for this plant medicine into the world.

We quickly decided to continue the brand together.

Our plans are big and our mission is to help as many people as possible reconnect with their hearts and invite more joy and ease into their lives.

So here we are as Heart Essence Sisters. We combine our strengths - each with its uniqueness and gifts. We realized that we complement each other perfectly and it is time to bring this gift into the world.

Julia, Founder Heart Essence Sisters

In 2022, Julia launched "Heart Essence Cacao" and answered the call to share the love and healing power of the powerful plant medicine cacao that has enriched her life so much. With Cacao's support, she was able to connect more deeply with herself and her heart.

It wasn't always easy to get to where she is today. It took some inner work to realize what a gift life is.

Cacao has become the common thread in her life. The medicine helped her to strengthen confidence in herself and her path and to cultivate more self-love and awareness. She feels the call to share what life has taught her so far.

In her work, Julia combines her passion for plant medicine with working with people. Above all, cacao, essential oils, sounds and music are used in her work. Through her personal journey she has been able to gain experience and combines this with well-founded elements from numerous training courses. She is a Holistic Health Coach, Inner Flow inspired Yoga Teacher, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, trauma-sensitive breathwork practitioner, meditation teacher and Womb Awakening Practitioner in training.

Daniela , Co-Founder Heart Essence Sisters

Daniela's journey over the past years has been a thread of self-discovery and growth. Throughout this time, she has heard a persistent calling to create something meaningful, resonating deeply with her purpose. Initially unsure of what this entailed or how to proceed, Daniela had the courage to step out of her comfort zone and embark on a transformative path of exploration.

Through her experiences in the professional world, as well as her adventures and encounters with new people, Daniela found herself drawn closer to her inner purpose. Each role she undertook played a part in shaping her into the person she is today.

In 2023, Daniela made the decision to leave her job at a Superfood Company to embark on a trip to Mexico alongside her sister Julia. Little did she know, this journey would serve as a catalyst for profound change in her life. It wasn't just a vacation; it was a transformative journey that strengthened her resolve to listen to her heart.

During their time in Mexico, Daniela and Julia dived into the world of cacao, uncovering its benefits and sacred origins. Fueled by passion and purpose, together, they founded Heart Essence, their own Cacao Label. They began facilitating workshops, retreats, and ceremonies to guide others toward the essence of their hearts.

Today, Daniela is a Yoga & Barre teacher and serves as a Wo(Men) Empowerment Coach, specializing in Embodied Transformation through somatic practices and bodywork. Through her gentle yet powerful methods, she helps individuals release emotional blockages, guiding them toward liberation and inner harmony.

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