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Heart Essence Cacao

Cacao from México 320g [SOLD OUT]

Cacao from México 320g [SOLD OUT]

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Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao has been cultivated by indigenous cultures for thousands of years and is considered a sacred plant. The taste varies depending on the cacao variety and processing method.

Ceremonial grade cacao differs from commercial cacao used in chocolate production. They are often industrialized hybrid cacao varieties to which sugar, milk powder and other ingredients are added. Ceremonial cacao, also called raw cacao, is 100% pure cacao paste, without any additives and without anything being extracted from the cacao. In this case, raw means as much as pure. Because of the processing, including the fermentation of the cacao beans, high temperatures are already reached, so that the cacao is no longer "raw" in the understanding of raw food.

About the Heart Essence México Cacao - 100% pure handmade cacao paste

Derived from the exquisite Almendra Blanca variety, it flourishes in the proximity of indigenous Mayan communities nestled between the southern reaches of Tabasco and the northern expanse of Chiapas. This lush domain, often referred to as Selva Zoque, boasts not only a rich cultural heritage but also a tapestry of high fertility and unparalleled biodiversity. Immerse yourself in the essence of this unique terroir.

México cacao is known for its particularly high quality, unique taste and rich cultural heritage. According to legend, the feather god Quetzalcoatl dropped the seeds of the sacred cacao in the Tabasco region out of love for the people. The cacao culture has its roots in México with the Olmec.

To this day, cacao plays an important role in traditional Mexican cuisine and culture.

Ceremonial grade cacao from México.
100% cacao paste, organic and pure.

100% cacao paste


Our Mexican cacao comes from an indigenous Mayan community of southern Tabasco and northern Chiapas, from a region also known as the Selva Zoque, known for its high fertility and biodiversity.



The taste

Fruity, nutty and light at the same time


100% Pure Cacao


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  • Origin

    Selva Zoque, Mexico

  • Quality

    Our cacao is grown sustainably and organically

  • The taste

    Fruity, nutty and light at the same time

  • Effect


What is cacao used for?


Cacao has a heart-opening effect on an energetic level. The plant spirit of cacao is a perfect companion for spiritual practice.

Cacao contains powerful components that stimulate the production of our feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which lifts our mood and can contribute to relaxation.


Due to the high proportion of theobromine, which dilates the blood vessels, drinking cacao can help our body to be better supplied with oxygen. This allows us to engage in deep meditations and gain more focus.

Basically, the effect of cacao is individual, the plant medicine always gives you what your body and mind are ready fo